Tips to avoid Bendy/Flexible Resin



Resin art, with its endless creative possibilities, has become a beloved medium for artists and DIY enthusiasts. However, to achieve stunning results, it's crucial to pay close attention to the resin you use and the way you handle it. Here are essential tips to consider before diving into your resin art projects.

1. Read Product Labels Carefully

The starting point of any successful resin art project begins with reading and understanding product labels. Not all resins are created equal. Pay attention to whether the resin is suitable for casting and specifically designed for use in molds. Some resins may be better suited for coating or other applications, so always match the resin to your intended use.

2. Mix in Accurate Proportions

The importance of accurate measurements cannot be overstated in resin art. Always adhere to the manufacturer's recommended mixing ratio specified on the resin containers. Use a digital weighing scale to ensure precision. Even a slight deviation from the correct proportions can lead to improper curing and affect the final outcome of your artwork.

3. Thoroughly Mix the Resin

Proper mixing is key to achieving successful results with resin. Take the time to mix the resin thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Inadequate mixing can result in uncured spots or uneven finishes. Make sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container to incorporate all components evenly.

4. Consult with Resin Suppliers

When in doubt or when facing specific project requirements, don't hesitate to consult resin suppliers directly. They possess valuable knowledge and expertise regarding their products. Suppliers can guide you in choosing the right resin tailored to your project needs, ensuring better outcomes and avoiding potential issues.

5. Avoid Mixing Different Resins

Mixing different types of liquid resins is a recipe for unpredictable results. Combining two different resin formulas can lead to incomplete curing, poor adhesion, or other undesirable outcomes. Stick to using a single type of resin recommended for your project to maintain consistency and achieve the desired finish.


Mastering resin art involves meticulous attention to detail, from selecting the right resin to proper handling and usage. By reading product labels attentively, following accurate mixing ratios, and seeking advice from resin suppliers, you set yourself up for success in your resin art endeavors. Remember, precision and knowledge are the pillars of creating captivating resin art.

So, before embarking on your next resin masterpiece, take the time to understand your materials and techniques. Let your creativity flow while ensuring a solid foundation with these essential resin tips.