Start Your Own Resin Business?  But Don’t Know Exactly From Where to Start?

Join a Class or Online Tutorial

If you're interested in starting your own resin business, it's essential to gain knowledge and expertise in resin art techniques as it's usage need technical know how about the Epoxy. Joining a class or enrolling in an online tutorial can provide you with the necessary skills and insights to create high-quality resin artworks.

Understanding Resin Properties

Before diving into the resin business, it's crucial to understand the properties of resin. Resin is a viscous liquid that hardens when mixed with a curing agent. It offers excellent clarity, durability, and UV resistance, making it ideal for various applications.

Types of Pigments

Pigments play a vital role in resin art, as they add color and depth to your creations. There are various types of pigments available, including liquid pigments, powder pigments, and metallic pigments. Experimenting with different pigments can help you create unique and eye-catching resin artworks.

Choosing the Right Bases

When starting your resin business, selecting the right bases is crucial. Bases provide a foundation for your resin art and can be anything from canvas and wood to coasters and jewelry. Consider the type of artwork you want to create and choose the appropriate bases accordingly.

Resin Calculations

Accurate resin calculations are essential to ensure the proper mixing ratio and avoid wastage. Understanding the resin-to-curing agent ratio and calculating the required amount of resin for each artwork is crucial for consistent and successful results.

Coating vs. Casting

Resin art can be categorized into two main techniques: coating and casting. Coating involves applying a thin layer of resin on a surface to create a glossy finish, while casting involves pouring resin into molds to create three-dimensional objects. Understanding the differences between these techniques will help you determine the best approach for your resin business.

Harness the Power of Knowledge with Instructions from Art Experts

If you're looking to enhance your resin art skills further, consider purchasing a course or tutorial. There are numerous online platforms that offer comprehensive courses taught by experienced resin artists. Follow the provided link to explore available options and find a course that suits your needs.