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Tulsi Resin 3:1 - Art Epoxy

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Product Description :

Best in Class TULSI RESIN 3:1 – Art Epoxy for casting your creativity.
  • Crystal Clear & bubble free for transparent casting in silicone moulds and river table.
  • The Thin Consistency makes it easy to mix and pour.
  • Longer Pot Life (45-60 mins) makes it a better option for resin art beginners.
  • Low shrinkage during cure.
  • Corrosion and moisture free.
  • Hard touch time is 16hrs and fully cure time is 24 Hours. 
  • 2nd layer of resin can be done after 10–12 hrs.
  • It could cast up to 8-10 mm in a single layer.
  • Very good choice for heavy and thick casting.

      Variants :
      1.2 Kg Pack contains –
      Resin (900gm) & Hardener (300gm)
      300 Grams Pack – Resin (225gm) & Hardener(75gm)

      NOTE – Respirator Mask & Nitrile gloves are recommended to use while working with any resin for safety measures.

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      300 Gram
      1.2 Kg

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      Tulsi Resin 3:1 - Art Epoxy

      Tulsi Resin 3:1 - Art Epoxy

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