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Art Epoxy 3:1 - Clear Cast Resin



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Tulsi Resin's 3:1 – Art Epoxy for pouring your creativity.
Specification Value
Mixing Ratio R:H - 3:1
Pot Life At 25° C 90 - 120 Min
Touch Dry 8 - 12 hours
Fully Cured 24 - 36 Hours
Measurement By Weighing Scale
Viscosity At 25° C 500 - 800
Hardness 75 Shore D


Properties Description
Best For Silicon Mould Casting, Deep Casting & Top Coat
Crystal Clear with Glass like transparency.
Bubble-Free Bubble get automatically busted after mixing
Wetting property Uniformly spread to the surface, resulting in a smooth and even layer without any gaps, shrinkage  or bubbles
Consistency Thin consistency for easy mixing that also improve Mould's life.
Features Non-yellowing, Moisture Free, Hard Cure & Conforms to ASTM Rules


For Deep Pour Description
Layer 2nd layer pouring after 8-10 hrs.
Casting Thickness Capable of casting up to 8-10 mm in a single layer.
Deep Pour Capable of 2-3 inch (60 MM) deep pour in 6-8 layers.


Precautions Guidelines
Application Exercise caution in high humidity, low daylight, and low temperature conditions. - Maintain ambient temperature (20-35°C) and humidity below 65%. - Use vacuum to achieve air-free components in filled molds.
Mixing Thoroughly mix manually or mechanically to eliminate haziness or streaks.- Mix small quantities to test your ratio
Safety Wear personal protective equipment (PPE). - Avoid eye and skin contact; wash off with warm water if necessary. - Prevent inhalation of vapors, mist, or gas.  Keep hardener bottle closed due to fuming tendency.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Uddipana Saikia
Good product

Easy to handle, excellent results but Hardner bottle cap is quite difficult to open

Bhavy Ambani

Resin is very good...and very crystal clear...

Kiran Sinha
Awesome results

This resin has never failed me
Beautiful,glossy and clear results

Divya Goel

The best quality resin

Pranesh Desai

Satisfied with the quality and result