About Us

It’s only recently that resin art has come into the mainstream market, capturing the attention of art lovers with its soothing aesthetics and timeless appeal. So what started as a creative exercise to kill lockdown blues eventually became a prospective business venture for Us.

Launched on 17th July 2020, Tulsi Resin Store is the Sibling Trio establish company. Each of us coming from different field of expertise with the aim to “provide the best available resin art products and ensure utmost convenience in purchasing material for resin art” and also help artist to start & embrace there Artpreneurship journey with us.

Arranging All Materials Related To Art Under One Roof :

With around 5000+ high-quality SKUs, Tulsi Resin Store boasts of the widest range of products related to Resin Art. Be it resin, pigments, Silicon moulds, MDF bases, glitters, stones and custom stickers – everything you need is right here! 

For Us, the “focus is not only on products but also on customer experience; as art comes directly from the heart.” We guarantees safe, hassle-free and timely product delivery.

Despite majorly operating in India, we have shipped our products in more than 17 Countries including (United Arab Emirates, Oman, USA, UK, Germany and Canada) and we have 4550 Visitors on website from more than 30 countries.


Resin Art, we intends to add all art related products from pencil sketch to Home décor. In the next five years, we hopeful of being the go-to store for every artist in the country. After all, “every artist should know that there’s a place where you can get anything you ever wanted for your art piece.”