Resin Workshop

Priya Agarwal is an Artist, who has been working with Resin since past three years, have introduced more than 500+ students with this modern artform. She blended her creativity with resin and express it through art. You can also check some FREE RESIN ART TUTORIAL on our YouTube page.



Without Kit
With Kit

Recorded Basic Resin Tutorial

The workshop is entirely Beginners Friendly so No Prior Knowledge of Resin Art is required. Everything will be taught from scratch.

What will you learn

- Making of a Clock.
- Resin Casting in Silicone Mould

This workshop will be on:-

  • Introduction to Resin Art.
  • Explanation about Types of Resins and varieties of Pigments
  • Precautions and Safety Measures
  • Introduction to Resin Mixing and Usage
  • Introduction to Resin Tools and Essential Products
  • Other tips and tricks
  • Resin Calculation for any project
  • Coating on a Clock.
  • Resin Casting in Silicone Mould

Kit includes-

Resin & Hardener Set , 12" Complete Clock Set , Roman Number Ring , Crystals , Pigments , Small Mould Gesso , Isopropyl spray , Gloves , Sticks , Drip Sheet , Cups , etc.

Basically Includes Everything required to make a complete clock!

If you have a specific color Requirement for the clock, Mention 2 colors in the Notes Section.
Otherwise, Black, White, and gold color will be added.

Steps to access Tutorial :-

  1. Sign up with your email id on this link -
  2. Within 48 Hours of your purchase you will be able to access the paid course on this panel -
  3. Course Validity is for 365 Days for date of access granted.