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DIY 3d Ocean Clock kit with Tutorial

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DIY 3d clock kit with Tutorial

Material included:
-3D Gear Clock base -design A (16" Clock Base , 14 MM Thickness)
-22MM Tik-Tik Machine
-White plastic needle -5.5"
-Steel hanging
-Masking tape
-3d Powder
-Small Mix Shells (20gm approx)
-Turtle charm(2 to 5pc) (design/colour as per availability)
-Moss -Dark green
-Sea grass-light green (shade may vary)
-Small Starfish-2pc
-White gesso small
-Nitrile Gloves-1pair
-Isopropyl alcohol spray 50ml 
-Wooden Sticks (5pc)
-Universal Resin - 300 Gm
-Plastic Cups(2pc)
-Paper Cups (5pc)
-Opaque pigment small (5-7gm each)
(Navy blue opaque 
Pastel blue opaque 
White opaque)

Extra materials Required:- (Get everything on
-Flat brush
-Weighing scale
-Heat tool or Hair Dryer
-Cardboard to cover
-Extra paper cups as riser
-Wooden blocks(4pc)

Steps to access Tutorial :-

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  3. Course Validity is for 365 Days for date of access granted.

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Customer Reviews

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Kavya K Jayachandran
Pretty good

The DIY kit has everything that is needed for completing the work.
The clock base is also beautiful with the gear structures. The tutorial is also simple and easy to understand.
Few improvements you can make is, in the tutorial everything is done one after the other at a stretch. But i felt as a beginner the moss and all can be fitten after the ocean part dries to make it more perfect. You can also add some acrylic golden paint to the kit that we can apply to the gear part as it looks incomplete without a paint coat. But overall it was a very good experience for me as a beginner! Thanks a lot!!

Sowjanya Hebbar KN
3 D clock kit

It's an Amazing experience thank you for your video it's very simple to do with the help of your video

Quality and creativity

Your artistic qualities are totally different from others ...I personally like all the products created by you 🙂😊